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Kaaterskill Falls, Hudson River School, and Bad Parents

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Kaaterskill Falls - view with Dog

Thomas Cole - Falls of the Kaaterskill - 1820

Thomas Cole – 1820

While touring eastern New York I was able to visit both the top and bottom of the Kaaterskill Falls. I had known the falls to be a anchor scene of the Hudson River School of landscape painters from the 1800’s. 300 ft up and a half mile in: I was at the lower pools in early August. It was a nice steady rocky walkto the fall’s base – lead all the way by an eager city dog loving all the goings-on along the trail.


Risky Ledge - Kaaterskill Falls, NYWatching folks wading in the pools and moving about the spray, I was surprised to see a number of children up on the fall’s ledges. Saw this one child posing (in fear) at the edge and opined out loud that “it looks like some parents are sponsoring their own Darwin Award Nominations.” The woman with the camera next to me said nothing: not then, or when I saw her with her husband and this child in the parking lot as I was leaving. So at least I know the little girl made it down safely. With three decades of annual fatalities about these falls, and with posted signs so stating, I believe this father is an idiot, and mom probably agreed with my assessment of his antics.


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