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Stand-up Paddleboarding – Grand Traverse Bay, MI

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Paddleboard in Grand Traverse Bay

Paddleboarding in  Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan

Last week of summer in Traverse City, MI, in Grand Traverse Bay, off of Clinch Park, West Bay. Stand Up Paddle-boarding on a beautiful calm Wednesday morning. Swells, waves, and attempted asanas make it harder. My first class was sponsored by Yen Yoga in Traverse City.

Heading out into the unsalted and shark-free Great Lakes

Heading out into the unsalted and shark-free Lake Michigan – The Great Lakes


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21 Oct 12 at 23:21

Kaaterskill Falls, Hudson River School, and Bad Parents

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Kaaterskill Falls - view with Dog

Thomas Cole - Falls of the Kaaterskill - 1820

Thomas Cole – 1820

While touring eastern New York I was able to visit both the top and bottom of the Kaaterskill Falls. I had known the falls to be a anchor scene of the Hudson River School of landscape painters from the 1800’s. 300 ft up and a half mile in: I was at the lower pools in early August. It was a nice steady rocky walkto the fall’s base – lead all the way by an eager city dog loving all the goings-on along the trail.


Risky Ledge - Kaaterskill Falls, NYWatching folks wading in the pools and moving about the spray, I was surprised to see a number of children up on the fall’s ledges. Saw this one child posing (in fear) at the edge and opined out loud that “it looks like some parents are sponsoring their own Darwin Award Nominations.” The woman with the camera next to me said nothing: not then, or when I saw her with her husband and this child in the parking lot as I was leaving. So at least I know the little girl made it down safely. With three decades of annual fatalities about these falls, and with posted signs so stating, I believe this father is an idiot, and mom probably agreed with my assessment of his antics.

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01 Sep 12 at 01:16

Bronze Castle

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Another month – another castle in the gallery. I’ve painted and etched a few landscapes; printed and sculpted some angels, mermaids, flora, and figures; but just two architectural pieces. Since the Pitfichie Castle etching was well received in July, this month I offered a bronze that I had originally cast for my mother of the “Hurry Castle” – a structure that we had visited many years ago.
With a new juror and a sculptural theme for August – Pitfichie made the “Shape of Things” Show and has now been represented for the second month in a row in the Alexandria Art League’s Members Show.
I hope there’s room for other themes (as I’ve exhausted the fortified house) – maybe a stone circle in the mist, pixies in the heather, or mermaids in the loch? Back to the studio…or maybe Scotland.

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07 Aug 12 at 00:22

Yoga on the Beach – Solstice

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Yoga on the BeachSolstice Sunset

The season’s first Yoga-on-the-Beach session in Leland, Michigan, was offered at the moment of the solstice. Three excellent yoga instructors tour the Leelanau Peninsula’s fresh-water beaches offering morning through evening yoga sessions. Amy, Angela, and Julie host appropriately paced sandy sessions at the water’s edge. After our solstice session, half the class made it into the water to cool, watch the sunset, and track the lakers heading north. If you make it to Michigan’s Traverse City area in the summer time – look them up and take your towel to the shore. The class.

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16 Jul 12 at 23:58

Sunset and an Atomic 4

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July sunset, Galesville, West River, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay

July Sunset, Galesville, West River, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay

Prior to snapping this summer sunset, I spent a solid two hours resuscitating a classic Universal Atomic Four engine in a 1972 vintage sailboat. After 10 months of dormancy, it needed some attention. Tracing wires, brushing and tightening contacts, cleaning plugs and points, it was ready to go. Almost. What appears to be a decade or so of wintered-over marina gas can turn a fuel filter into an impenetrable brick. And given the sun’s altitude, the marine supply stores were shuttered.

Over the years I’ve removed or replaced everything but the crankshaft on these little dependable boat motor workhorses  – once even changed the head gasket underway. Half the axillary sailboats made in the 1970s came with the Atomic 4, and most of the engines are still running. Thirty horsepower into a direct-drive screw could almost always get a sailor off of the mud or sand bars of Chesapeake Bay – especially if you had a mate willing to swing outboard, hanging on the boom.

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14 Jul 12 at 00:52

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Pitfichie Castle: Etching

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Etching - Pitfichie Castle in WinterThis year was slated to invite new art efforts and adventures. Last week, a landscape etching I had printed several years ago was accepted into the July juried member’s show at The Art League’s gallery in Alexandria, Virginia. My second exhibition submission, first selection. Might be a tough act to follow, but it is stimulating and encouraging.

Pitfichie is a restored fortified manor house located about 20 miles west of Aberdeen Scotland. It was built in the 16th century by distant relatives, and then lost to the vagaries of Scottish politics and conflicts after three or four decades. I’ve visited Monymusk  and the castle several times, walked the forests on the banks of the river Don, and toured the local distilleries. This etching (with aquatint) is the first print of a series of twelve showing the castle’s surrounding winter landscape from the northeast.

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10 Jul 12 at 23:05

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Commonwealth Celebrations

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Mermaid sculpture in the fountain spray, Trafalger Square, London, UK.

Mermaid in the Spray
Trafalger Square, London, 2008

Congratulations to all of my Commonwealth friends on the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee. We have had good coverage of all the events and weather over here – loved the boat parade. I’ve had the pleasure to visit the United Kingdom (and Canada and Australia) many times for both work and fun and I have enjoyed every day, from Skye to Melbourne.

It has been nice to see the weekend’s energies and events, parades and beacons, Union Jacks and painted faces – I think it was worth every pence. Happy Jubilee!

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05 Jun 12 at 15:20