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Artist: GC Myers

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Landscape Painting by GC Myers  - Enraptured, 2012

Enraptured by GC Meyers

One of my encouragements to starting a Blog was the idea of sharing art and artists that I find intriguing. I first met GC Myers about fifteen years ago at his initial show hosted by Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA. His work was fresh, bold, and bright landscapes trending from rare towards fantasy. It has been good to watch his evolutions, productivity, and his growing and dedicated fan base. During his recent exhibition, red-dots marked a third of his offerings within two hours. I think it would be hard to select a flowing set or series of his paintings, but almost any one of them would shine anywhere.  Gary’s web site is http://gcmyers.com.


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12 Jun 12 at 22:07

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Wilderness Clouds

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Sunrise clouds over the Wilderness Battlefield, Orange Plank Road, Spotsylvania, VA

Early morning sunrise – The Wilderness Battlefield
Orange Plank Road, Spotsylvania, VA

June clouds illuminated at sunrise, northbound on the Orange Plank Road at the south end of the Civil War’s Wilderness Battlefield.  I almost always keep a camera in the car and eagerly try to catch and share those rare colorful clouds at sunrise, sunset, thunderstorms, contrails, fogging, or lifting rain. Sometimes the shot is out of the sunroof (sort of like the Google Street-view Car), occasionally out the driver’s window, and sometimes I’ll actually stop the car.

I pulled over to take this image (driver-side mirror at the bottom), even though the traffic was light. The sky paled quickly as the southbound car passed and I got back on the road and crested the upcoming hill.

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06 Jun 12 at 00:49

Commonwealth Celebrations

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Mermaid sculpture in the fountain spray, Trafalger Square, London, UK.

Mermaid in the Spray
Trafalger Square, London, 2008

Congratulations to all of my Commonwealth friends on the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee. We have had good coverage of all the events and weather over here – loved the boat parade. I’ve had the pleasure to visit the United Kingdom (and Canada and Australia) many times for both work and fun and I have enjoyed every day, from Skye to Melbourne.

It has been nice to see the weekend’s energies and events, parades and beacons, Union Jacks and painted faces – I think it was worth every pence. Happy Jubilee!

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05 Jun 12 at 15:20

Watsu on the Island

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Grace West giving Watsu

On my May trip to Ocracoke Island, NC, I was delighted to find that an exceptionally talented bodywork professional had recently opened a Watsu® aquatic facility, right at the heart of the Island. When you visit Grace West’s web site (http://floatwithgrace.com/) you will see that she has broad training and experience and that she is bringing unique talents and opportunities to Ocracoke.

You will also see that her web site’s homepage offers one of the best introductions to in-water Shiatsu massage that I have seen posted anywhere. I had the privilege of receiving a Watsu session from Grace last month and her competence demonstrated the results of her training, experience, and commitment to this powerful form of therapy.  Grace and her husband have built a perfect year-around facility and I found her Watsu therapist skills to be among the best that I’ve experienced – and that’s out of over one hundred floating sessions in the last thirteen years.

If you are heading out for a week on the island, in the sand/surf/salt and around the town, add an hour session in Grace’s fresh water pool to help make your vacation really stick.

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04 Jun 12 at 13:18

Atlantic Clouds

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Atlantic Clouds – Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ocracoke Island, NC

Atlantic Clouds – Pushing ashore before the storm. Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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02 Jun 12 at 09:54

Pamlico Sound – Kayak’s View

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Pamlico Sound, Mirrored Cloudsbefore the Storm

Pamlico Sound off of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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