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I’ve toyed with WordPress for a number of years, even used it to build a non-profit site some years ago – but the static sites I was maintaining did not seem to need the dynamic capability of a dedicated blog. The breadth of themes available always seemed encouraging, and a quick way to build a site.

While visiting an acquaintance’s (Jessica Ruano) WordPress site today, I needed to join WordPress to comment – so here is my original blog, hosted on WordPress. I’ll let the entries define the categories, but discussions on art, photography, sciences, technologies, travel, and history all seem to be just over the horizon.

With one hundred and eighty seven initial “Themes” available – Please tolerate some random format changes as I find an appropriate layout.


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02 May 12 at 23:33

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  1. Can’t believe I am the first to comment! With such a broad range of discussion topics it’s hard to know how to begin.

    I am wondering if all the categories could be linked in some way. What comes to mind is the image of an artist from a bygone age and the effort he/she went to to capture images from their more limited travels. In contrast to this I come immediately up to date and think of how instant images are captured by phone and camera and wonder if technology has enhanced or hindered artistic interpretation.
    What do you think?

    By the way, I am not exactly feeling the colour scheme. Feels a little moody, or is that deliberate.


    25 May 12 at 13:26

    • Thanks for diving in. While I really have no idea how the categories will evolve, much less link, I appreciate your thoughts. I concur that this original theme (Parament by Automatic) turns out to be way too somber. It might work better to highlight brighter photos, but the text entries appears unintentionally ‘moody.’ I obviously need to add more content before I can see the effects of the various themes – soon.


      01 Jun 12 at 13:00

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